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Worship the Comics and the Manga!

Or suffer under my wrath!

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All Members , Moderated
The community is for people who like Manga and Comic's of all kinds.

Rules to abide by:

*If able to provide an image of the comic strip, if it's manga show a picture of the Manga or if possible a page from your Manga. This is to give the readers/other members more of an idea why you're bringing it up.

*I want this to be an open-minded community that will let the members feel free to express their thoughts on a particular comic strip or area of the manga that they're reading. Therefore, I don't want people to insult a person's point of view to make them feel uncomfortable, bad, guilty. Constructive Cristism will be allowed, however, this still has to be respectul and carried out in a mature fashion.

*No offensive material that may cause major discomfort within the community. I want it to be open-minded but I also want this to be respectful and non-threatening. (I dont want get a lot of stupid hate mail)

*Maturity is needed. However, the ONLY immaturity to be allowed will be silly and the kind that causes friendly laughter. (As this is dealing with comics that will be a lot)

*If you decide to be a disrespectful, immature, offensive, boy or girl I shall use my power to kick you out of this community. If I'm feeling kind I'll give you ONLY ONE more chance and you'll be under my careful watch.

*There will be NO TOLERANCE will be given to racist, sexist remarks, if anyone does so they will have to explain themselves and if no understanding can be made the post or comment will be deleted and you will also be thrown off with no second chance.

*Be respectul! I can't stress that enough.

That is all. My list may get shorter if I find it to be too restricting.