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calvin and hobbes

I came apon this while looking for an example...and to be honest I found something to say about this. First I'll explain the pictures even though it's pretty self explainatory this is what I want to go on when you guys post (if show us a picture) this is so everyone can see your thought process.

You see Calvin with a big ball of snow in his cute little outfit and can automatically assume that he's building a snowman. But when you read what he's saying you understand that this is not the case..he's building a fort and they show you his little steps and in the last you see him trapped in his fort.

This relates to me with my problem with building walls in my head and putting myself in a position where I am indeed alone and isolated from help. I can be screaming for help but won't recieve any because my walls are too strong. I feel that many people do this; they build walls or forts to protect them from pain, sorrow and some people and when we finally finish making these walls we get a feeling of pure isolation and we scream out for help but feel that can't get it because we made the walls too strong.

That is really deep thinking there for just seeing a cute little boy building his fort out of snow and believing it to be the strongest one ever. Maybe also when we build our walls we always leave little flaws just incase we need an "escape" from our own minds and the isolated rooms within. Because eventually Calvin's strong fort of snow will soon melt and he will be free again.
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