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Comics meaning

Everyday people look at the comics and look for the one they love most. I do this as well whenever I get a chance to look at the comics. I'm just wondering what exactly makes a certain comic someone's favorite?

What is your favorite comic...and why? This is what I'm curious about and since I asked I'll answer as well.

Let's see...my favorite...I don't really have one but I'd have to say Garfield if I had to choose. This is because I bascially grew up with him. He's a cat and he has attitude and he basically suits my mood half the time. He hates mondays, I hate mondays, he finds something ineteresting in nething and same here.

Another one I like is JTHM...this one is recent though I was introduced to him years ago by a guy named Chris who was looking at it during class. I got to see it but I still didn't really get involved til a few months ago. I like this one cuz it suits my evil or morbid side. I love blood and guts and I have anger within me or I used to and that helps me act it out better inside of my  mind.

So I guess the reason I like comics is because I can relate to them...for if you know me I'm just a joker....I love to laugh and find humor in just about nething there is :p There is a comic for everyone I say
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