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This comic starts off as Garfield looking towards the viewpoint and talking about hair or shedding...it goes on to show Jon covered in his hair with an angry/annoyed expression and ends on Garfield walking away with a shocked type look. The dialog is pretty obvious.

For people who own or have been around cats or any type of long haired pet you know this is completely true. No matter what season it is your animal, mostly your cat, will shed like there's no tomorrow. Of course, this leaves your clothes covered in cat hair and is more noticeable on black or dark colored items of clothing. I pray for the people who are allergic to cats because this action of shedding is what really gets you, the animal dander is just all over! I'm slightly allergic so I can sorta feel for these people, that doesn't stop me, however, from owning a few kitties ^_^

My advice to those who have cats and those that have long or medium length hair that sheds profusely have a lint picker upper thing, comb your cat to take away some of that loose hair...for those of you who are completely out there that's why shedding happens...it's loose hair that has to go somewhere, pretty obvious. Also, it does help to give your cat a bath, because their loose hair will have no choice but come off.

But, with all their shedding, and the days wehre you wake up to find cat hair on your face, in your drinks, food, etc...we all know that we love our little kibbie kats ^_^
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Oh man..... *dies* We've found cat hair on the top of our stove. Our stove! I don't understand how it gets there. Does it travel through the vents? Does it fall off of our clothes and land in these obscure places? It's like an invader...plotting against us in order to infiltrate our closets. XD

Yep, combing helps and vacuuming does, too. That's the problem with cats - they make a big mess. Still, they're easier to take care of than dogs. At least with cats, you don't have to walk them eveyday. And yes, of course we live 'our little kibbie kats.' ^_^
Yea, I think it's on your clothes and just falls off, that's a reason that seems most reasonable :p

I think dogs are easier..just because you dont have to worry about cleaning up a litter box, taking them for a walk is pretty good cuz then you always will get some excercise ^_^
Yeah, but you have to do it like twice a day right? And walking around the front yard isn't really exercise. I'll stick with cats for now. Maybe I'll get a dog later in life, if I'm with someone who wants to take care of it.