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Worship the Comics and the Manga!

Monday, March 28, 2005

11:19PM - Comics meaning

Everyday people look at the comics and look for the one they love most. I do this as well whenever I get a chance to look at the comics. I'm just wondering what exactly makes a certain comic someone's favorite?

What is your favorite comic...and why? This is what I'm curious about and since I asked I'll answer as well.

Let's see...my favorite...I don't really have one but I'd have to say Garfield if I had to choose. This is because I bascially grew up with him. He's a cat and he has attitude and he basically suits my mood half the time. He hates mondays, I hate mondays, he finds something ineteresting in nething and same here.

Another one I like is JTHM...this one is recent though I was introduced to him years ago by a guy named Chris who was looking at it during class. I got to see it but I still didn't really get involved til a few months ago. I like this one cuz it suits my evil or morbid side. I love blood and guts and I have anger within me or I used to and that helps me act it out better inside of my  mind.

So I guess the reason I like comics is because I can relate to them...for if you know me I'm just a joker....I love to laugh and find humor in just about nething there is :p There is a comic for everyone I say

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

12:20PM - FFXI comic

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

also at that link if you cant see the text

alright, when i read this i was laughing my ass off cuz it was so funny cuz it makes fun of the most annoying things in the game :P

first part making fun of noobs that mess everything up ^_^
second part about people that dont know how to play their jobs
third part about the language barrier / japanese / english / europe play at same times
fourth part all the time it takes to get something going then ppl just leave ;p

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

3:10PM - Garfield

This could only happen to Jon, right? Jon the loser, Jon, the guy who can't get a date, Jon, who wears polka-dotted bow ties with striped suits. Yeah, only Jon.

Except when it happens to us. Oh yeah, sure, we probably don't go to the extreme of getting our head stuck in a trash can, lol, but haven't you ever had one of those bad days that just sucks no matter what you do and continues to get worse as the day goes on? That is what's happening to Jon here, and no doubt it has happened to everyone at one point or another.

So, this post is for all of you who've ever had a 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.' ;)

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Friday, January 21, 2005

12:30AM - Hereeeee comes Johnny!


Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is a comic book made by the creator of Invader Zim (at the bottom of this post I'll put a picture of Zim so you know what that one is) Well the comic I have put up right now is JTHM and it's really disturbing and at the same time...funny or interesting I shall say. A lot of blood/killing is involved so needless to say it's violent.  It's a pretty cool comic...if you could really call it a comic hahahaha. In the one I read they showed him basically talking about all this stuff and he was showing how everyone is basically a hypocrite in their own way. Like thie girl he killed he was like you go on about equal treatment and how no one should be made fun of but yet you made fun of me because I look different! Something like that. He took kinives and stuffed them down her throat and went after everyone else.

He took captive of these two who were being noisey in the movie theater, he followed them and they were talking about how a lot of goths are just poser and talking about how much better they are because they really are different when they were acting just like the people they dispise or something (the jocks) Johnny attacks and takes them captive for torture.

This can take out some much needed aggravation, annoyances, etc... just by reading it.

Now Invader Zim time, this one is just about an alien who comes and tries to conquer Earth..won't go into this one cuz it's not a comic or a manga :p

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

1:32AM - Garfield

This comic starts off as Garfield looking towards the viewpoint and talking about hair or shedding...it goes on to show Jon covered in his hair with an angry/annoyed expression and ends on Garfield walking away with a shocked type look. The dialog is pretty obvious.

For people who own or have been around cats or any type of long haired pet you know this is completely true. No matter what season it is your animal, mostly your cat, will shed like there's no tomorrow. Of course, this leaves your clothes covered in cat hair and is more noticeable on black or dark colored items of clothing. I pray for the people who are allergic to cats because this action of shedding is what really gets you, the animal dander is just all over! I'm slightly allergic so I can sorta feel for these people, that doesn't stop me, however, from owning a few kitties ^_^

My advice to those who have cats and those that have long or medium length hair that sheds profusely have a lint picker upper thing, comb your cat to take away some of that loose hair...for those of you who are completely out there that's why shedding happens...it's loose hair that has to go somewhere, pretty obvious. Also, it does help to give your cat a bath, because their loose hair will have no choice but come off.

But, with all their shedding, and the days wehre you wake up to find cat hair on your face, in your drinks, food, etc...we all know that we love our little kibbie kats ^_^

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

3:00PM - Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z Vegeta vs. GokuCollapse )

This was the first manga I ever liked. DBZ is about a lot of things. In DBZ there is lots of matial arts, lots of fierce battles that rage on episode after episode. In this picture, you see Goku on the bottom, looking rather flustered, but nonetheless determined. Vegeta is pictured on top, looking down at Goku with evil conviction. Initially in this battle, Vegeta has the overwhelming advantage. He and his underling, Nappa, have already killed off many of Goku's friends. While this is happening, Goku is racing towards the scene. When he gets there and finds out that Vegeta and Nappa have killed most of his friends, he gets very angry. He decides to fight Vegeta. At first, Vegeta beats him into the dirt. But no matter how badly he is hurt and no matter what happens to him, Goku remains determined to win at all costs. He maxes out his body. He gives himself to the fight 110%. In the end, through a combination of intense attacks from both Goku and his friends, they are able to bring Vegeta down.

Why did I choose this example? To me, Dragonball Z is a show about determination. It's about trying your hardest and doing your best. Even when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against the heros, they don't back down, and in the end, they win. I really admire that and think it teaches a good lesson to kids and adults who watch the show. There are so many ways to apply this to life. Say you start a new job or class and you're really intimidated by it. Well, keep working hard and it will eventually pay off. Or, say you want something really bad, but you know it's going to be very hard to get. If you do everything in your power to get it and don't give up no matter what happens to you, you will get what you want.

And that is why I live my life like a Dragonball Z character. *cracks up* hahaha...not! Whatever...that show has some major flaws. The battles are basically the same every time, just with different twists and turns. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's got a great plot. But it is SO easy to make fun of. XD

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

9:46PM - Example:

calvin and hobbes

I came apon this while looking for an example...and to be honest I found something to say about this. First I'll explain the pictures even though it's pretty self explainatory this is what I want to go on when you guys post (if show us a picture) this is so everyone can see your thought process.

You see Calvin with a big ball of snow in his cute little outfit and can automatically assume that he's building a snowman. But when you read what he's saying you understand that this is not the case..he's building a fort and they show you his little steps and in the last you see him trapped in his fort.

This relates to me with my problem with building walls in my head and putting myself in a position where I am indeed alone and isolated from help. I can be screaming for help but won't recieve any because my walls are too strong. I feel that many people do this; they build walls or forts to protect them from pain, sorrow and some people and when we finally finish making these walls we get a feeling of pure isolation and we scream out for help but feel that can't get it because we made the walls too strong.

That is really deep thinking there for just seeing a cute little boy building his fort out of snow and believing it to be the strongest one ever. Maybe also when we build our walls we always leave little flaws just incase we need an "escape" from our own minds and the isolated rooms within. Because eventually Calvin's strong fort of snow will soon melt and he will be free again.

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6:59PM - Welcome!

Welcome comic and manga lovers!

This is my new community...I have 2 others one is an RPG and not under my complete control and one is all mine and it's about movies. But you can look at those later.

I'm sure you've read the bio where the rules are so you know what is allowed and not allowed so far. The list may shorten or get longer depending on actions.

This is meant to be a fun and comfortable place so make yourself at "home" ^_^

I'm sure you'll see a lot of comics and see all different views and takes on the comic or manga and maybe how it relates to the person's situation or views on the world.

So welcome and please don't be shy, join, comment, post about comics and/or manga!


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