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Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z

This was the first manga I ever liked. DBZ is about a lot of things. In DBZ there is lots of matial arts, lots of fierce battles that rage on episode after episode. In this picture, you see Goku on the bottom, looking rather flustered, but nonetheless determined. Vegeta is pictured on top, looking down at Goku with evil conviction. Initially in this battle, Vegeta has the overwhelming advantage. He and his underling, Nappa, have already killed off many of Goku's friends. While this is happening, Goku is racing towards the scene. When he gets there and finds out that Vegeta and Nappa have killed most of his friends, he gets very angry. He decides to fight Vegeta. At first, Vegeta beats him into the dirt. But no matter how badly he is hurt and no matter what happens to him, Goku remains determined to win at all costs. He maxes out his body. He gives himself to the fight 110%. In the end, through a combination of intense attacks from both Goku and his friends, they are able to bring Vegeta down.

Why did I choose this example? To me, Dragonball Z is a show about determination. It's about trying your hardest and doing your best. Even when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against the heros, they don't back down, and in the end, they win. I really admire that and think it teaches a good lesson to kids and adults who watch the show. There are so many ways to apply this to life. Say you start a new job or class and you're really intimidated by it. Well, keep working hard and it will eventually pay off. Or, say you want something really bad, but you know it's going to be very hard to get. If you do everything in your power to get it and don't give up no matter what happens to you, you will get what you want.

And that is why I live my life like a Dragonball Z character. *cracks up* hahaha...not! Whatever...that show has some major flaws. The battles are basically the same every time, just with different twists and turns. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's got a great plot. But it is SO easy to make fun of. XD
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"easy to make fun of" is an understatement! hahaha..with all the gay jokes that we were able to muster up JUST by looking at a poster!!!

But, I see your point and quite agree with it. Everything in life that is worth having is going to be hard to obtain. The freedom that we enjoy, like being able to put down our government, saying whatever we want and the like came at a huge cost and it was extremely difficult for our founding fathers and ancestors to obtain freedom from Britain, they fought even when the odds were stacked against them.

We've had to fight for our democracy/freedoms a few times with a cost of human lives, and the scare of an invasion or the fear of us losing and many other ethical, moral and other type worries on the line but we've overcome them not because we have the biggest, best of weapons but because of the dream to keep what we have and preserve it, it's the heart and soul of every solider, every commander, in every battle the helps us win the strength of the indvidual...but I've carried on and you all get my meaning.
Yeah, I totally see your point about our founding fathers. Britain had superior troops, more experience and more men, yet they still lost. We had some advantages. For example, we were on our own soil. We didn't have to go across seas to get supplies. Two, we had George Washington and several other great leaders. Washington couldn't win by a full-out attack, so his army resorted to harassing campaigns (attacking over and over in small ways, eventually wearing the British down).