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Hereeeee comes Johnny!


Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is a comic book made by the creator of Invader Zim (at the bottom of this post I'll put a picture of Zim so you know what that one is) Well the comic I have put up right now is JTHM and it's really disturbing and at the same time...funny or interesting I shall say. A lot of blood/killing is involved so needless to say it's violent.  It's a pretty cool comic...if you could really call it a comic hahahaha. In the one I read they showed him basically talking about all this stuff and he was showing how everyone is basically a hypocrite in their own way. Like thie girl he killed he was like you go on about equal treatment and how no one should be made fun of but yet you made fun of me because I look different! Something like that. He took kinives and stuffed them down her throat and went after everyone else.

He took captive of these two who were being noisey in the movie theater, he followed them and they were talking about how a lot of goths are just poser and talking about how much better they are because they really are different when they were acting just like the people they dispise or something (the jocks) Johnny attacks and takes them captive for torture.

This can take out some much needed aggravation, annoyances, etc... just by reading it.

Now Invader Zim time, this one is just about an alien who comes and tries to conquer Earth..won't go into this one cuz it's not a comic or a manga :p

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